Within The Shadow Of Old Man



“Within the Shadow of Old Man” is an account of the love between Dietrich Kaufmann and Heidi Brenner. The reminiscence of their world is attempted by one who is never identified. It swiftly becomes evident that the corridor between “here” and “there” is often a bit nebulous and clouded. Some scenes have conquered the ages, while others remain vague.

Their village, Gottenburg in southern Germany, was a citadel until the venomous poison of the Third Reich began seeping into the fortress. The swastika attempted to pierce their souls. However, there were two hearts which belonged far more deeply to the forest and their hamlet, and most of all, to each other. Hatred would discover no fertile soil with them.

War would come, death would surround them, but their love stood eternal.

“If the yearning is a child of another age and location, the seeker begins to feel trapped. Perhaps it is out of desperation we struggle to free ourselves, and make sense out of the enigma. The phenomenon becomes a hybrid, half dream and half reality. It is the way of things.”

So much is centered within the shadow of the tree they named Old Man. There are those who believe their spirits are still there. Possible.

Published in April of 2017