Joe Kuhns was born in 1944.  He was raised in the Dayton, Ohio area, and soon became an avid fan of the Cincinnati Reds, and the Ohio State Buckeyes’ college football team. He knew very early in his life that he loved to write.  He fell in love with the pen. He even wrote short predictions about every class member in his eighth grade class for their graduation.

Joe graduated from Meadowdale High School and Sinclair Community College in Dayton.  Later, he would be among the students of the 1979 graduating class of the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies in Dallas, Texas. He has had two books published: “Beyond the Edge of Thunderlight,” and “Measured for a Crown of Thorns.” He continues to compose poems, song lyrics and other manuscripts.

He currently lives in Garland, Texas with his wife, Patricia.  His quill remains active.